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Last week, we took part in the Comarch Live Retail Experience event organized by Comarch to imagine the retail of tomorrow by identifying the europe email list levers of transformation, ranging from IT to marketing, including the supply chain and customer relations. . On this occasion, we led a workshop dedicated to data and loyalty programs "How to make data the fuel of your loyalty programs?" ". So, what to take away from this event? We take stock in our debrief..

Comarch Live Retail Experience - Diamart Connect europe email list Presentation Retail must therefore be experiential. Many brands are renewing their models to create truly immersive stores. This is the case, for example, with Camp which is a completely immersive toy store offering several activities for children in the heart of the store with special effects to create magic. There is, for example, a giant rollerblading track in the middle of the store, a secret passage leading to a huge play area, etc.

Another example, Nordstorm, which magnifies its corner europe email list as an art form: Or, Sephora in Beijing who created a digital artwork especially for the store using a designer. Retail is even becoming a medium, like Lego, which has "amplified its store" to make it an instagramable store. Consumers thus become media and film themselves in this environment specially designed for this purpose. Another trend is that stores offer repair and cleaning services to further facilitate the customer experience. 2 ° Hyper-personalized retail that makes each customer journey and each product unique.

More and more brands are trying to personalize the europe email list customer experience as much as possible. This is the case, for example, with Maisons du Monde, which presented a concept which allows each customer to come to the store with their sketch in order to be able to designate it in 3D in the store. Another example of L'Oreal which allows you to try different shades of colors via its connected mirrors. Or, Walmart which launches Zeekit and its virtual cabins. 3 ° An efficient retail where the customer takes control and acts in self-service, for purchases without contacts and without seams.